The novel “Seiyoku” by Asaichi Ryo is being adapted into a live-action film titled “Seiyoku,” starring Goro Inagaki and Yui Aragaki. The film explores the question of “what drives us to keep living” and delves into the complexities of human desires.

The novel “Seiyoku” by Asaichi Ryo will be adapted into a live-action film in 2023. It will star Goro Inagaki and Yui Aragaki.

The novel “Seiyoku” by Asaichi Ryo was released in March 2021 and received the 34th Shibata Renzaburo Award. Asaichi, who previously won the 22nd Subaru Novelist Prize with “Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo” in 2009 and the Naoki Prize with “Nanimono” in 2013, completed this work as a milestone for his 10th anniversary as a writer. The story revolves around the theme of “what drives people to live” and has sparked discussions as to whether it is a “masterpiece that resonates with readers” or a “controversial work that makes one want to look away.” It continues to generate attention and interest. In the movie “Seiyoku,” Goro Inagaki and Yui Aragaki are cast in the lead roles. Goro Inagaki portrays Keiki Terauchi, who fears that his son will be cut off from society, while Yui Aragaki plays Natsuki Kiryu, who desires to disconnect herself from society. The film explores how the stories of Terauchi and Kiryu intersect, when and where, and in what manner. It promises to be an intriguing aspect of the film to watch. (Details) Movie: “Seiyoku” Release: Autumn 2023, Nationwide Theatrical Release Based on: “Seiyoku” by Asai Ryō (Published by Shinchosha) Director: Yoshiyuki Kishi Screenplay: Takehiko Minato Cast: Goro Inagaki, Yui Aragaki, Yuto Isomura, Kanta Sato, Ayaka Higashino

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