Drama Series “Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend” Season 2 Confirmed for Broadcast.

The sequel to the drama series “Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend,” which aired on the MBS・TBS Dramaism time slot in April 2022, has been confirmed to be broadcasted as “Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend Season 2” (MBS: Every Tuesday at 0:59, TBS: Every Tuesday at 01:28) starting from May 2nd. It has been announced that actor Mizuki Kajima will be starring as the heroine for this season.


Illustration Celebrating the Broadcast Confirmation of "Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone's Girlfriend Season 2."
(c)Hinao Wono/Cygames, Inc.

This season, based on the manga of the same name, “Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend,” which is currently serialized on “Psycomi” since 2019 and has won the 68th Shogakukan Manga Award, the “Brainwashing Arc” and “What a Wonderful World Arc” (written by Hinao Inoue), which have exceeded a cumulative circulation of 5 million copies, serve as the original source. It depicts the realistic lives of women in modern society.

The protagonist portrayed by Mizuki Kajima is Runa, a university student who believes only in money and works at a soapland to earn money. She works to support her living expenses and tuition fees and one day serves a popular singing idol named Hayato. Hayato, who has a weak mental state and is troubled by cyberbullying on social media, becomes a repeat customer, and as they listen to each other’s troubles, the two develop a relationship outside of the establishment. As the story progresses, they both find themselves sinking deeper into their circumstances.

Additionally, Emi, who works at the same establishment as Runa, is a woman in her forties and a former “banga” with a spiritual belief system. Following her father’s passing, she returns to her hometown and begins working at a local snack bar guided by an admired fortune-teller. She is then approached by Iwasaki, a regular customer at the bar, to start a relationship. It delves into the happiness of these two women—one who has denied relying on anything and the other who has lived while clinging to something.

Kajima expressed her candid thoughts, saying, “I was really happy when I found out because I already knew the original work and I liked the first season of the drama. But after watching the first season and seeing how faithful it was to the original work and how the actors portrayed their roles wonderfully, I had some concerns about whether I could do it.” Regarding Runa, she added, “She’s usually a straightforward girl who speaks her mind, but she also has a very cute side, so I would like people to pay attention to that as well.”

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