“Backstage in New York” to be adapted into a television drama!

“Backstage in New York” (by Hiroki Otsuka/forcs) tells the story of Satomi, a plain and unremarkable office worker who encounters the drag queen Cool Mint. Through this encounter, Satomi is introduced to a world with radically different values, gradually reclaiming her freedom and reevaluating her own dreams and talents.

For this television adaptation, the story’s setting will be relocated to Tokyo, and various production elements will be added. The drama series titled “Jiyūna Megami – Backstage in New York” will be broadcasted for a total of four episodes on Tokai TV and Fuji TV network, starting from March 4, 2023 (Saturday). Hiromi Ikeda will portray the protagonist, Satomi, while Masaharu Takeda will take on the role of Cool Mint, the legendary drag queen. ■ Television Drama “Jiyūna Megami – Backstage in New York” Broadcast Overview 【Broadcast Dates】 March 4, 2023 (Saturday) – March 25, 2023 (Saturday) Every Saturday from 23:40 to 24:35 (scheduled) – Total of 4 episodes 【Original Work】 “Backstage in New York” by Hiroki Otsuka (Published by forcs) 【Planning】 Naoya Ichino (Tokai TV) 【Screenplay】 Tomoya Sakurai, Yuko Shimoda 【Music】 Masahiro Hiramoto 【Director】 Chihiro Ikeda – Known for “Daizu Ta to Wa Ko to Sannin no Motoyūsha,” “Mental Tsuyome Bijo Shirakawa-san,” “Motokare←Retry,” “Inori no Karute” 【Producers】 Katsutoshi Goto (Tokai TV), Kanro Saito (Kazumo) 【Coordinating Producer】 Keiichi Matsumoto (Tokai TV) 【Production】 Tokai TV, Kazumo 【Copyright】 (c) Tokai TV/Kazumo

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