Blockbuster Sauna Manga “Yuyu Wonderland” to be Adapted into Live-Action!

Introducing “Yuyu Wonderland,” a manga series centered around the booming trend of saunas in the July season! Based on the highly acclaimed comic that is considered the pinnacle of female sauna culture, this adaptation delves into the authentic experiences of female sauna enthusiasts.

Program Overview: Struggling with a creative block and plagued by nightmares, manga artist Kitsuko leads a troubled daily life. One day, her younger brother points out that she looks “stagnant” and that toxins are circulating within her. Following his advice to visit a sauna and sweat out the toxins, Kitsuko starts frequenting a local public bathhouse, only to encounter a strict and nosy “bathhouse queen” who enforces proper bathhouse etiquette. As she navigates the clutches of this bathhouse queen and eavesdrops on various girl talk sessions in different women’s baths, Kitsuko aims to reach the ultimate pleasure of the “cold bath” that awaits beyond the sauna. Along the way, she encounters eccentric characters who add excitement to her previously dull daily life. [Program Title] Midnight Drama: “Yuyu Wonderland” [Broadcast Date] Starts airing on July 15, 2023 – TV Osaka: Every Saturday, Late Night 24:55-25:25 (Initial episode delayed by 30 minutes) – BS Tele Tokyo (BS 7ch) and BS Tele Tokyo 4K (4K 7ch): Every Saturday, Late Night 24:00-24:30 *Exclusive advance streaming on “Lemino” for one week¥ [Cast] Tomosaka Rie and others [Original Work] Manga by Mankitsu: “Yuyu Wonderland” (Published by Fusosha) [Directors] Kumazaka Shutsu, Kuzuya Akemi, Sasaki Kozue (PROTX) [Screenplay] Tachi Sorami, Waruto Shota [Producers] Ishida Yusaku (TV Osaka), Sasaki Kozue (PROTX) [Producer] Okamoto Hiroki (TV Osaka) [Episode Count] 12 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. [Production] TV Osaka / PROTX [Production Committee] “Yuyu Wonderland” Production Committee [Program Website] https://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/yuyu_wonderland/ [Official Twitter] https://twitter.com/tvo_mayodora [Official Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/yu_yu_mayodora/ [Official TikTok] https://www.tiktok.com/@yu_yu_mayodora

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