The stage play “How about some coffee?” directed by Kyōjō Kentarō has begun!

“Would you like some coffee?” is a manga series by Konari Misato that was serialized from 2014 to 2015 and has also been adapted into an anime and a live-action drama. The story revolves around Aoyama Ichirou, the owner of a coffee shop, who soothes people with carefully brewed coffee and subtle words. It boasts a high popularity among readers.

The story revolves around a captivating mobile coffee shop with a distinctive octopus logo. The carefree owner meticulously brews each cup of coffee, creating a taste that somehow relaxes the heart. The coffee shop provides solace to tired individuals burdened by their daily struggles and sometimes even saves them from their pain. It is a gentle yet bittersweet ensemble drama of human connections, woven together by the compassionate coffee shop owner and the troubled people who visit the shop. The story follows an omnibus format based on the original work. Each episode is tightly woven together, but the cast members effectively showcase the characters’ personalities and charm points, depicting lovable individuals. With the inclusion of original characters specifically created for the stage play, both fans of the original work and the drama adaptation can enjoy the experience with a fresh perspective. We invite you to experience the gentle yet bittersweet story of the transformations brought about by coffee, the relationships formed through the medium of coffee, and the overall ambiance it creates. It is our sincere desire that you witness and immerse yourself in this narrative by watching it in the theater. The production will be performed at Theater 1010 from May 17th (Wednesday) to May 21st (Sunday). On May 18th (Thursday) at 18:30 and May 19th (Friday) at 13:30 and 18:30, there will be an after-talk show. Additionally, the performance on May 19th (Friday) at 18:30 will be live-streamed. 【Performance Overview】 Stage Play: “Would you like some coffee?” Original Work: Konari Misato’s “Would you like some coffee?” (Published by Mag Garden) © Konari Misato / Mag Garden Script & Direction: Sano Shinta Date: May 17th (Wednesday) to May 21st (Sunday), 2023 Venue: Theater 1010 Cast: Ichirou Aoyama – Kentarou Kōjō Shima Kakine – Nao Ōta Pei Sugisaka – Kyōhei Hisage Masashi Daimon – Himeka Shintani Rei – Miku Hanayo Akemi – Manabu Shindō Kohirumaki – Naoya Serizawa Motae – Rei Saitou Wakagashira – Hikaru Takahashi Yaiko – Mikako Otowa Nakazawa – Shigeru Sugimoto Department Head – Daimei Yokota Majima – Yōhei Takemoto Baba – Moka Matsubara Endou – Kenta Homma Himeko – Maya Yasui Official Website: https://coffeeikaga-stage.com Organized by: Stage “Would you like some coffee?” Production Committee

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