Asano Inio’s manga “Reiraku” is being adapted into a live-action film, starring Saito Takumi and directed by Takenaka Naoto, depicting the “profession of a manga artist.”

Asano Inio’s manga “Reiraku” is being adapted into a live-action film, and it will be released on March 17, 2023 (Friday). The film stars Saito Takumi and is directed by Takenaka Naoto.

Asano Inio is a popular manga artist known for works like “Solanin,” “Umi no Onnanoko” (“A Girl on the Shore”), and “Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction.” The upcoming live-action film “Reiraku” portrays the relentless and harsh reality of a manga artist, which Asano Inio has depicted with a shocking impact. Directing the film is the versatile actor, singer, and filmmaker Takenaka Naoto. He has previously worked on films like “Munou no Hito” (“The Unmotivated”), where he also starred in 1992, as well as “119,” “Tokyo Nijuu,” “Sayonara COLOR,” and “Zokki.” “Reiraku” marks his tenth directorial work. Film Synopsis: After an eight-year serialization, the manga by popular former manga artist Fukasawa reaches its conclusion. Struggling to come up with ideas for his next work and facing a dismissive editor, Fukasawa is overwhelmed by a sense of defeat. His relationship with his wife has cooled, and he finds himself in a reality where his dreams as a manga artist seem distant and unattainable. Filled with a sense of emptiness, he encounters a hostess named “Chifuyu,” who has cat-like eyes, at a brothel he visits while carrying his burden of despair. “Chifuyu” doesn’t pry into his life and simply smiles quietly, saying, “You are you.” Fukasawa is drawn to her rapidly. One day, he decides to head to her hometown together with “Chifuyu.” [Details] Film: “Reiraku” Release Date: March 17, 2023 (Friday), Theatrical Release Nationwide (Theater Shinjuku and others) Cast: Saito Takumi, Omoshi Shuri, MEGUMI, Yamashita Rio, Tosa Kazunari, Yoshizawa Yu, Sugawara Eiji, Kuroda Daisuke, Nagumi Takashi, Nobuyoshi Nobuyoshi, Saso Masaho, Sasaki Shigeo, Ohashi Hiroshi, Yasui Junpei, Shima Ryohei, Miyazaki Hanren, Tatsuki Sakimori, Tina Onjo, Adachi Yumi (Note: “Hanren” in Miyazaki Hanren is read as “Tatsusaki.”) Original Work: Asano Inio’s “Reiraku” (Published by Shogakukan Big Superior Comics) Director: Takenaka Naoto Screenplay: Kuramochi Yutaka

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