“Confess Your Sins, It’s a Film Adaptation of a Suspense Novel Depicting a Kidnapping Case, Starring Kentaro Nakajima and Shinichi Tsutsumi as Father and Son”

The movie “Confess Your Sins” is based on the novel of the same name by Yuichi Maho, a socially conscious mystery writer who has received numerous awards, including the Edogawa Rampo Prize. The director of the film is Nobuo Mizuta, known for his works such as the movie “Maiko Haaaan!!!” and TV dramas like “Mother” and “Woman,” which have achieved great success. The story revolves around an unprecedented race against time. It starts when the granddaughter of the Uta family, a political dynasty, is kidnapped. The demand from the kidnapper is not a ransom but rather a demand for a press conference the next day, where the protagonist must confess their sins by 5 p.m. What is the “sin” that must never be revealed, capable of shaking the foundations of the nation? 【Details】 Film: “Confess Your Sins” Release Date: October 20, 2023 (Friday), nationwide release Starring: Kentaro Nakajima, Shinichi Tsutsumi Director: Nobuo Mizuta Screenplay: Shinichi Hisamatsu Original Novel: Yuichi Maho, “Confess Your Sins” (Published by Bungeishunju) Distributor: Shochiku ©2023 “Confess Your Sins” Production Committee

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