“Scroll” is a live-action adaptation of the novel with the same title, depicting a youth ensemble drama starring Takeru Satoh and Taishi Nakagawa.”

The movie “Scroll” will be released on February 3, 2023 (Friday), with Takeru Satoh and Taishi Nakagawa as co-leading actors.

Movie “Scroll” is a live-action adaptation of the debut novel by Shunki Hashizume, who is also known as the original author of YOASOBI’s hit song “Halzion.” The film portrays the struggles of young individuals as they confront the gap between their ideals and reality, earnestly facing society and themselves. It draws attention to how modern youth, while feeling anxious about not becoming anyone significant, take steps towards a brighter tomorrow. The co-leading roles are played by Takeru Satoh and Taishi Nakagawa, two popular actors who bring authenticity to the youth ensemble drama. Synopsis of the movie “Scroll”: Upon receiving news that their friend Mori has committed suicide, “I” and Yuusuke, who were friends during their school days, are confronted with this reality. While “I” had found solace in expressing their feelings on social media, despite being denied everything by their superior at work and being told not to dream in this society, Yuusuke chose to live in the moment, enjoying every day as it comes. Mori’s death becomes a catalyst for these two to reevaluate “living” and “loving.” Their journey intertwines with “Me,” who resonates with “My” online posts, yearning to become someone special, and Naho, who believes that marriage to Yuusuke will fill the emptiness in her heart. The paths of these four individuals who stand at the threshold of youth intersect, leading them to the sparkling entrance to a promising tomorrow. (Details) Movie Title: “Scroll” Release Date: February 3, 2023 (Friday) Cast: Takeru Satoh, Taishi Nakagawa, Maika Yamamoto, Kotone Furukawa, Kenji Mizuhashi, Riko, Yusa Mikawa, MEGUMI, Nobuaki Kaneko, Shugo Oshinari, Sho Aida Director & Screenplay: Yasuhiko Shimizu Editing: Yasuhiko Shimizu Screenplay: Tomoki Kanazawa, Yuuki Kinoe Original Work: Shunki Hashizume’s “Scroll” (Scheduled for publication in Kodansha Bunko in December 2022)

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