The wildly popular “Heart-Pounding” romantic comedy, “The Beginning of Farewell Love with a Gamble,” will be adapted into a live-action drama!

The video streaming service “U-NEXT,” operated by U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tenzin Tsutsumi), will exclusively stream the highly popular “Heart-Pounding” romantic comedy, “The Beginning of Farewell Love with a Gamble,” starring Hiroka Yamazaki, starting from 6:00 PM on July 20, 2023 (Thursday).

“Nao Yoshinaga, known as the ‘Iron Lady of Ice’ within the company for her cool and professional demeanor in handling work, is challenged one day by her colleagues to try and win over the heart of the enigmatic woman. Amidst this bet, Nao witnesses her senior colleagues flocking around Satomura, creating a competition to see who can capture Satomura’s heart. Little does she know, Satomura is someone Nao has secretly admired for years! Could this be an opportunity for her? The fate of their love, starting from a bet, hangs in the balance!” “The Beginning of Farewell Love with a Gamble” 【Streaming Start】The first episode will be available for streaming from 6:00 PM on July 20th (Thursday), with subsequent episodes being released every Thursday at 6:00 PM. 【Starring】Hiroka Yamazaki 【Cast】Yuta Koseki, Miwako Kakei, Kanji Iijima 【Screenplay】Nishioka To Neil 【Directors】Yoshifumi Arihara, Takumi Sumimatsu 【Producers】Nanako No, Tatsurou Tanaka, Haruo Miyazaki, Wakana Miura (Daiei Television), Taishi Hanawa (Daiei Television) 【Production】U-NEXT 【Production Cooperation】Daiei Television Co., Ltd. 【Official Website】https://square.unext.jp/article/kakekoi 【Official Twitter】@UNEXT_org_drama (https://twitter.com/UNEXT_org_drama) 【Official Instagram】@UNEXT_original_drama (https://www.instagram.com/unext_original_drama/) 【Official TikTok】@UNEXT_original_drama (https://www.tiktok.com/@unext_original_drama) 【Hashtag】#賭け恋 【Copyright】When using the released photos, please include ©U-NEXT.

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